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  • Min.Order Quantity: 50-100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Our most innovation carbon fiber rods&blanks, the new Crossfire technology products extreme fast and strong rods&blanks. The Spec of this series rod is as following

    CODE Description Tip OD Butt OD Blank Weight
    CF4864 Crossfire 8’6”#4 4pc 1.4mm 7.6 34.2g
    CF4905 Crossfire 9’0”#5 4pc 1.5mm 8.9 39.1g
    CF4906 Crossfire 9’0”#6 4pc 1.7mm 9.1 48.3g
    CF4907 Crossfire 9’0”#7 4pc 1.8mm 9.8 46.7g
    CF4908 Crossfire 9’0”#8 4pc 2.0mm 9.9 52g



    Comments from one of our pro fly rod tester and fly rod builder, Richard from Canada


    I went outside to the park today to test cast the new Crossfire blanks that I have built using various tropical fly lines that I own.  I also cast the Damascus Blade 907, the Discovery 907, the Discovery 908 and the Discovery 909 for known reference points.  While the weather was a little cold for the fly lines (~9C), I was able to compare the Crossfire rods  with other rod models that I am familiar with and have fished quite a bit.

    For the 907 rods, I tried two different Rio tropical lines; the Rio Bonefish WF7F (1st 30’ 198 grains; full head weight 287 grains; head length 49’), and the Rio GP Saltwater Tropical WF7F (which has a shorter and more aggressive head, and has been recently discontinued).  The 907 Discovery model and the 907 Damascus Blade model were happiest with the Rio GP line (the Rio Bonefish line didn’t quite load the rod enough), whereas the Crossfire 907 was very smooth with the Rio Bonefish line and was slightly overpowered by the Rio GP tropical.  The 907 Crossfire was a pleasure to cast, threw very nice tight loops, and I suspect will perform very well in warmer weather with light to moderate winds.  I would definitely prefer the Discovery or the DB with the Rio GP line in windier conditions though, as the GP line would cut through wind better.

    So, to summarize:The 907 Crossfire is a true tropical 7wt that is very comfortable and a joy to cast with the Rio Bonefish WF7, but slightly overpowered by the Rio GP line.  I was impressed with this rod and how it felt.

    Best regards



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