Auto Cutting System On Line

Speedline New Auto Cutting System On Line now!

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From 22rd October 2021.  the second Auto cutting system on line in Speedline factory. the new system apply the latest technology, full auto operation. Make the cutting system not only efficient but also accurate. This fantastic system was introduced from aero industry, it is just as same as the system aero industry used on cutting composite materials for making aircraft and space shuttle.

Laser locating system.

The Laser Locating system help the operator locating the initial location accurately, this also easy for operator to monitor the whole process during the process,

per Vacuum platform

This system is used for make the prepreg lay nice flat on the cutting table during the the cutting will be more accurate than the old model

Auto convey system, this system is very efficient when we finish one cut and start the next , we no longer need to pike up the flags and pull the full prepreg sheet manually. The convey system will deliver the flags to the finished container.

Super sharp double Tungsten blade system

The double Tungsten blade system make the cutting work very efficient, as well as accurate after long cutting process, we don’t need change the blade every day, also less reject on the bunt blade.

Servo motor system plotter, this system make the system much more accurate and consistent.

Post time: Oct-29-2021